Ecological and recyclable, in addition to an effective thermal and acoustic insulation effect, it offers a functional and important resistance to the action of moisture.

It has a smooth surface, completely uniform and without air bubbles, a direct consequence of the high density that characterises it, the best quality that can be achieved with a wood fiber. Apart from the similar production methods, unlike MDF this fiber is much more refined, and the granules have a very low thickness, that is, up to 0.1 mm and with a much lower use of adhesives than MDF. The density of the material is more than 800 kg/ m3, depending on the type of wood used and its characteristics determine the exceptional resistance of the material to compression, humidity, application of loads and thermal conduction.

It is undoubtedly the best material to produce lacquered skirting boards today, in various shapes and sizes: durability and water repellency guarantee installations even in the most critical conditions and all this with a truly unbeatable value for money.


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